The animal labour activities are continuing until now, especially in developing countries in South of Asia. Even though the non-government organizational are not supporting this and forcing the local government to create regulations about nature and animal conservations, still there are some groups are ignoring this and still using animals in their business. 

Animals such as monkeys, horses, elephants, tigers and other species are the victim of this action. 

The acts of animal labour are varied, some animals are forced to perform in the circus to entertain people and the owner can make money from it or they will use the animals in their business process to reduce the business operating costs, such as collecting coconuts from the trees, using them as a vehicle, plowing rice fields and many more to replace human resources and vehicle’s cost. 

This activity is not right since the owners are not vetting them well, not providing a full meals nor shelter. 

In Thailand, for example, the coconut farmers are intentionally bred and trained monkeys to collect up to 100 coconuts per day and the saddest fact is the monkeys are not permitted to eat the coconuts they collected. Sometimes the monkeys are getting punishments every time when they feel have tdefence themselves. 

According to PETA, many monkeys are illegally abducted from their families when they’re just babies. They’re fitted with rigid metal collars and kept chained or tethered for extended periods. 

This is really sad how humans are very cruel to animals. 

Which is why, Cavron Global along with its supply chain puts forward to be a responsible manufacturer of byproduct barbecue briquettes in a sustainable way without harming the environment by not cutting the trees down and not supporting the animal labour. 

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