More than 30% of the world’s oxygen comes from photosynthesis in forests. Yet, every year, millions of acres of forest are cleared to make way for agricultural production and livestock grazing. It is estimated that if this trend continues, two-thirds of the world’s rainforest will be eliminated by 2050. As a result, we will lose animals, plants and trees that have provided medicine and shelter for humans for more than 10,000 years. Luckily for us though, there are solutions out there! If we use bio-based material for making BBQ briquettes, then not only help reducing deforestation but also has many other benefits such as less air pollution and healthier cooking.  

Deforestation is an ongoing problem in many countries. In the past, trees have been cut down to provide food and shelter for humans. However, over time, people have realized that deforestation is a problem and they are looking for solutions to this problem. The issues related to deforestation include pests & diseases spread quickly when large numbers of trees are cut down. Deforestation can also lead to soil erosion from wind, rain and freezing. When forests are cut down, more dust is released into the air and contributes to air pollution. Therefore, If there are less trees, then less oxygen will be produced as forests act as carbon sinks by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.  

The solution to the problem of deforestation is to use bio-based material for making BBQ briquettes instead. There are many benefits from using bio-based material as a replacement for traditional charcoal. The main benefit is that it will help reduce deforestation. Not only the material made from renewable resources, but it also can be made locally and sustainably in most regions. This means that there would be less transportation of goods needed to make these briquettes. It also has other benefits such as healthier cooking since the smoke produced by these materials are lower in carcinogens than traditional charcoal. It will affect to the better air quality due to no burning of fossil fuels. 

There are many more benefits to using bio-based material for BBQ briquettes. First and foremost, using this type of material can help reduce deforestation. Not only that, but it also has many other benefits such as less air pollution and healthier cooking. For example, if you use these briquettes in your grill or oven, then it will produce less smoke than traditional briquettes. This is because the bio-based material is composed of non-toxic materials such as candlenut shells or coconut shells. 

Bio-based material BBQ briquettes could be on of the answer as there are many benefits to use bio-based materials for BBQ briquettes. Not only they are more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional briquettes, but they are also made with renewable resources that can be sourced locally and processed in a sustainable manner.  

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