Are you looking for the easiest way to get your BBQ started without worrying the smoke? Firelighters can make your barbecuing more efficient and here are the step by step you can follow :

1. Prepare your BBQ Stuff 

Make sure to prepare your BBQ grill, Briquette Charcoal, firelighter, a match/ lighter, and of course your foods. 

2. Choose the firelighters 

You may need to consider an eco-friendly firelighter as they are safer and cleaner to use. 

3. Place the coconut charcoals into the BBQ 

It is simply pouring your BBQ Briquettes from the bag onto the bottom grill.  you need to position your briquettes properly for a better cooking performance. It is about 15cm below the cooking grill. 

4. Place few firelighters among the BBQ Briquettes 

The firelighters need to be spread across the layer of briquettes. A pyramid stacking briquette is also the common way to make the lit-up process easier. 

5. Light them up and start cooking 

Once all set, you can light up the firelighters with a match/ lighter and ensure they are fully burnt. When your BBQ briquettes are white embers already, you can start cooking and enjoy barbecuing.

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