A Superior, Green Alternative to Regular Wood Charcoal and Fossilised Coal


Coconut and Organic Charcoal Briquettes Offer a Unique Set of Benefits

Best Charcoal BBQ Competitive Advantages
  • No Trees are Cut Down
  • Eco-Friendly: Low Carbon Footprint
  • Our CSR-Commitment
  • 100% Natural – No Chemicals
  • Smoke- and Odourless
  • Easy to Light
  • Very Long Burn Time
  • Door to Door Delivery


The Combination of European Know-How and Local Knowledge of Coconut Farming Is a Winning Formula

Our production plant in Manado, Sulawesi, Indonesia is not only right in the centre of coconut production. It is also a BSCI-certified, highly efficient facility combining European management with skilled, local employees.

The manufacturing flow from receiving raw materials throughout our streamlined production process is highly efficient. Rigorous quality control and continuous daily testing at our in-house lab are essential to provide consistent, high quality.

Our advanced production method gives us full knowledge and control of the finished briquettes. We can customise parameters such as size, density, moisture levels and distribution of ingredients.

Cavron Global

After carbonisation the charcoal is received and further processed at our plant in Manado, North Sulawesi.


The Secret behind Our Consistent Quality: QC Performed on Every Batch – Several Times Daily

Ensuring Consistent Quality

Our in-house lab performs continuous, daily tests of incoming raw materials and product mixtures. These tests focus on: fixed carbon, moisture, volatile matter, and ash residues.

For consumers our burning test performed multiple times per batch is the most important. We follow the T-180 test by the Danish FORCE Technology. T-180 is a burning test devised to determine for how long the charcoal holds a constant temperature of minimum +180° C.

Furthermore, self-heating tests are performed to ensure the product cannot self-ignite.

Briquette Tests
Briquette Tests

Thorough testing is performed to ensure consistent briquette quality.
Daily in-house burning tests are done on each batch and results filed to keep our records updated.


Our Products are Tested, Approved and Certified by Independent, International Test Laboratories

The Best Guarantee

Performing repeated QC of each batch is an integral part of our manufacturing process on all levels from processing to delivery.

In this regard it is our clients’ and own best guarantee for maintaining our well-known quality consistently and continuously.

Our test equipment is regularly calibrated by approved and certified institutions to ensure constant accuracy.

PT Cavron Global has been approved by the BSCI and is a participating member.
Also compliance to
ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


High-Quality Packaging and Unique Private Label Designs Setting Our Customers Apart from Their Competitors

Packaging for Diverse Markets

Our charcoal granulate and briquettes are available in a variety of standard sized bags and boxes.

Cavron counts among its customers the largest BBQ brands in both Europe, Middle East, America and Australia as well as a host of smaller BBQ brands many of which are market leaders within their regions.

We offer several flexible design solutions:

Use Your Own Brand
Packaging can be delivered containing your own brand graphics. We supply neutral packaging design files for further work by your own graphic designer or advertising agency.

We help to design your brand
We offer both brand-development, text, layouts and prepress-ready files at competitive prices.

Use one of our in-house brands
Finally, we offer our in-house brands free-of-charge.

Packaging and Print
We supply packaging as bags and boxes. We use recycled materials in our paper bags and boxes. We use recyclable PE-plastic for our plastic bags. We offer high quality offset print.

Branding Kits
Our branding kits contain a collection of marketing related instruments. These exist for our in-house brands and can be customised for private label customers.

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