Briquettes are one of the most common and efficient fuel types. They are made from fine-grained coal and can be used in small or large-scale applications. Briquettes are lighter than natural coals and can be used either as an alternative to, or a complement to them. In some cases, briquettes may even replace natural coals. With their high calorific value, low moisture content, easy accessibility, and long shelf life, briquettes from candlenut shells have become an excellent choice for household energy users as well as industrial users looking for a reliable source of heat energy. If you have been wondering about the advantages that these briquettes from candlenut shell offer you other than their convenience factor, read on to find out! 


Natural and renewable material

Candlenut shell briquettes are made from natural resources such as coal from the Himalayas, rice husks, and other by-products of agriculture. They are therefore an eco-friendly alternative to other types of briquettes, which are manufactured from petroleum products. Coal is one of the most abundant renewable resources found in many parts of the world. It is commonly used as a fuel in homes, industries and transportation. However, as a result of excessive exploitation, high carbon dioxide emissions, and water pollution, the use of coal has become very rare in many countries. Coal briquettes are one of the most efficient and renewable energy sources. The coal is broken down into fine particles and then mixed with a binder material. The fuel briquette is rich in energy, has low moisture content, and burns very well, with almost no ash produced. 


Excellent burning properties

Candlenut shell briquettes are free of moisture and have excellent burning properties, which make them viable options in areas prone to power outages. They are also ideal for outdoor use, where the risk of rain-related damage is minimal. Coal briquettes are highly combustible and do not produce significant amounts of ash, so they are ideal for use in outdoor fireplaces, gas grills, and wood stoves. Briquettes from candlenut shells are also highly calorific, rich in energy, and emit very low amounts of moisture. This makes them perfect for use in high-performance appliances. Coal briquettes have a high calorific value, which means they produce more energy than they consume. This makes them an excellent choice for heating and cooking purposes. 


Low moisture content

Candlenut shell briquettes are low in moisture content and do not contain any sulphur, which makes them safe for indoor use. They are also moisture-free and emit very low levels of carbon monoxide, so they are a highly efficient cooking option. Unlike coal, which has a high moisture content and produces significant amounts of sulphur dioxide when burned, briquettes made from natural coals do not contain any elements that are harmful to the environment. This makes them a safe option for use around people, pets, and plants. 


Easy accessibility

Candlenut shell briquettes are readily available in different shapes and sizes, which makes them easy to access. They are also cheap and affordable, so you don’t have to worry while making the switch to them from natural coals. Coal is a heavy, hard material that is not easily accessible. The transportation of coal to different places has become difficult because of increased pollution caused by its use. This has reduced the accessibility of coal, making it a rare source of fuel. However, briquettes are lightweight and easily transportable.  


Other benefits of briquettes from candlenut shells

Coal briquettes are heavy, hard to access, and have a short shelf life. They are also expensive, so it is advisable to use them sparingly, if at all. Candlenut shell briquettes, on the other hand, are lightweight, easy to access, and have a long shelf life. They are also cost-effective to use, which makes them an ideal source of heat energy. Coal briquettes have a high calorific value, a high moisture content, and emit significant amounts of sulphur dioxide when burned. In addition, they are not easily accessible and have a short shelf life. Briquettes from candlenut shells, on the other hand, have a low moisture content and a low carbon dioxide emission. They are easily accessible, require little maintenance, and have a long shelf life. 


As a final point, Candlenut shell briquettes are an option of natural and renewable sources of energy that need to be considered as the best alternative. They are free of sulphur, harmful to the environment, and emit very low levels of carbon dioxide. They are also cost-efficient and easy to access. These briquettes are highly calorific, rich in energy, and emit low amounts of moisture. 

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