Coconut and Organic Charcoal Briquettes Offer a Unique Set of Benefits

100% Natural – No Chemicals
Our charcoal briquettes are all-natural and contain no chemicals or other harmful additives. To bind the briquettes the granular charcoal is mixed with water and 100% organic, food grade vegetable Tapioca starch made from the plant Manihot Esculenta.


Smoke- and Odourless
Smoke- and odourless burning results in clean, healthy grilling. No harmful ingredients are transmitted to the food. It ensures deliciously grilled, full-flavoured, natural tasting food, not in any way jeopardised by chemical additives.
Our briquettes enhance the natural flavours of barbecuing without any unpleasant fumes or smells.


Easy to Light and Very Long Burn Time
Our coconut shells are easy to light and compact in their molecular structure. They burn considerably longer and more consistently than less dense briquettes such as wood and fossilised coal. Fewer briquettes are needed making long-time grilling smoother and economical as the need for re-filling is minimised.
A handy feature is that due to their long burn time our briquettes can be re-lit for short-time grilling.

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