Fire Starters


Dimensions (W x H x D) : ≅ 50 x 70 x 5 mm

Weight : ≅ 7 gm

Bio-oil (vegetable oil) : 100 %

Qty per Pack : 24 – 72 pcs

An Easy and Hassle-Free Way to Light Your Grill

Completely odourless fire starters made from organic, CO2-neutral wood wool and paraffin wax without any chemicals. They offer easy and hassle-free lighting up of your BBQ grill and will even light in wet conditions.

No lighter fluid is needed which is good news for BBQ grills. With our fire starters you do not have to ruin your taste experience with lighter fluids. Our fire starters are odourless and do not leave any taste traces on your grilled food.

Fire Starter Nuggets – PRODUCT INFORMATION

Dimensions (W x H x D) ≅ 50 x 70 x 5 mm
Weight ≅ 7 gm
Bio-oil (vegetable oil) 100%
Manufacturing Denmark
Available in cardboard box sizes 24 – 72 pcs
Standard, bulk and customized packaging per request. We can assist with design and print on all packaging.
Finished, stacked pallets are wrapped in plastic to secure the goods under transportation.


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