Coconut charcoal is a unique alternative to wood and regular charcoal that is made with CO2 neutral coconut shells and some dried coconut to hold it together. It is an eco-friendly product that is naturally sustainable. No trees are cut down or coals dug out to make this fuel. Coconut shell charcoal is considered a biomass fuel, which would otherwise become biomass waste if not transformed into clean fuel.

There are no other additives so it is all natural. Fillers or petroleum products are absent so it will not emit harmful chemicals and the clean burn is guaranteed. When grilling, there is basically no coconut flavour. The smell of the charcoal is rather neutral so the taste of food will not be changed.

Since the coconut charcoal is even in terms of size and shape, it does not throw sparks out.  It also burns consistently, evenly and predictably over time. Because of the special structure and nature of coconuts, the coconut shell-based charcoal burns hotter and longer compared to wood charcoal.

Due to its exclusive benefits and the increasing trend of natural barbecuing, coconut charcoal is getting popular and widely used in the outdoor cooking market.

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