Bra Miljöval

The Bra Miljöval, known as Good Environmental Choice in English, is a Swedish ecolabel that was established in 2002 and is managed by Svenska Naturskyddsföreningen (The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation).

After a long process to pursue the ecolabel by the Bra Miljöval,  Cavron Global has now obtained Bra Miljöval ecolabel. It is an honour for Cavron Global to be labeled with the Swedish Environmental Protection Association’s Good Environmental Choice. The certification means that Cavron Global’s environmental impact of production has been carefully assessed and verified. 

The Good Environmental Choice label for chemical products is one of the tools used by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) to promote the development of a sustainable society. The aim of the ecolabel is to favor the phasing out of hazardous substances, regardless of what sort of product they are used in.

  • To minimise the negative impact of chemical products on the environment and human health
  • To promote the phasing out of substances that are hazardous to the environment or human health, and to encourage the substitution to better alternatives
  • To make it easy for consumers to choose products with as little negative impact on the environment and human health as possible
  • To offer public procurers a tool to easily set relevant environmental and health requirements for chemical products

This ecolabel fits in perfectly with Cavron Global as we are developing environmentally friendly products to protect the environment without compromising the quality of our raw materials and products. 

Cavron Global sustainable commitments:

Supporting a circular economy and no deforestation

As a manufacturer of BBQ briquettes, Cavron Global only uses natural by-products such as coconut – and candlenut shells and other materials to produce our briquettes. The natural by-products were considered waste before used as raw materials in the Cavron Global BBQ briquettes.

Furthermore, no trees are cut due to production. Instead, Cavron Global collects and recycles natural by-product materials from local suppliers and factories around Indonesia  thereby protecting the local areas from deforestation and any negative impacts from deforestation.

No coal – only 97 % natural by-products and 3 % natural starch

The briquettes do not contain fossil coal (coal from minecraft). The raw material in the BBQ briquettes is 97 % natural by-product materials and 3% natural tapioca used as starch. Tapioca is a natural starch extracted from the cassava root.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Cavron Global factory in Manado is certified by The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). Among other things, this means that our Code of Conduct is based on the most fundamental labour standards that protect the workers’ rights, including the International Labour Organization (ILO) Conventions.

The Bra Miljöval ecolabel is one step closer to our vision of having a CO2-neutral impact on the environment, and we will keep striving for this vision to be realised!

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