Barbecuing is a fun way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or simply just a fun weekend with family and friends. Not only is it a popular way to get together, but one will also get to enjoy some delicious food. Unfortunately, a traditional BBQ is not very sustainable but by following these tips, we can make it sustainable together. 

Reduce Meat on the Menu 

When most people think of barbecues, some type of juicy meat or burgers will come to mind. While there’s nothing wrong with having meat in your BBQ, limiting the amount will definitely make it more eco-friendly. Instead, one could perhaps try to incorporate more vegetables into the meal. This will encourage your guests to eat more greens: reducing overall contribution to the meat industry and the damaging impacts. 

Buy Local Products 

There are lots of benefits to buying local goods. You’re not only supporting local farmers and businesses, but you will also be left with much fresher, organic products. Additionally, this could help suppress CO2 emissions at a local level as the travel costs are cut out completely. Another factor to take into consideration is the fact that plastic packaging is also cut down significantly: reducing global plastic waste! 

Use Reusable Products 

Another great thing to do to keep your barbecue eco-friendly is to avoid or stop the use of single-use plastics. Products such as, disposable plates, cutleries, and plastic cups should not be used as this only contributes to the global level of plastic. Most certainly, not helping the countless environmental issues worldwide. Small changes make big changes, every little thing counts. 

One popular alternative to these plastic products is bamboo: bamboo everything. Nowadays, one will be able to purchase cutlery, plates and even straws made out of 

the significant woody plant: bamboo. The products are undoubtedly much more sustainable than plastic and can even be used more than once. 

Choose Sustainable Fuel 

Instead of using traditional briquettes, there is now an option for purchasing and using biomass briquettes. The biomass briquettes are an excellent alternative to coal and charcoal products. They only consist of by-products like coconut shells and rice husk, thus allowing you to have an eco-friendly BBQ with as minimal environmental impact as possible. The CO2 neutral briquettes are an incredible alternative, as it stops the primary greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, that is released during the burning stage from traditional briquettes. This isn’t released with the bio-mass briquettes. 

Have Guests take Leftovers Home 

Food waste can be a huge problem when it comes to BBQ’s. Instead of throwing away any leftovers, ask your guests to bring their own container, so they can bring some food home, including both the cooked and raw ingredients. 

All in all, barbecuing has become an indispensable part of our culture but now we just need to make it as sustainable as possible! 

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