A Superior, Green Alternative to Regular Wood Charcoal and Fossilised Coal

No Trees are Cut Down
All our briquettes are based on charcoal made from locally grown coconuts and other organic by-products. They offer a green, renewable alternative that appeals to many consumers as not a single tree is cut down to produce the briquettes. In fact, the use of coconut shells vastly reduces the need for felling of trees altogether in briquette production.


Eco-Friendly: Low Carbon Footprint
Our charcoal is eco-friendly and considerably below threshold values set by international standards in terms of low carbon footprint. In other words, grilling with our briquettes means that the carbon footprint is at an absolute minimum without contributing to pollution or global warming.


Our CSR-Commitment
Coconut shells are normally considered a by-product. Using them in briquette production offer a new source of income for the local farmers. This is an important part within Cavron’s CSR commitment.

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